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1,119 TB Storage Used

23,000 Weekly Users

Top External Collaborators:
John Marshall Law School, Brown University, University of Minnesota, Chicago Public Schools, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, Iowa State University, Clemson University, Rush University

Revamped "Getting Started" Page Launched

Screenshot of the new Illinois Box getting started page in the Technology Services knowledge base.

Visit the updated Box Getting Started page for to learn how to get the most out of our unlimited online storage. We worked with the Illinois IT pros community to create a place for new and existing Box users to learn more about features and options for sharing with Box.

Request Box Training for Your Unit or Research Team

The Box Illinois IT Pros group has collaborated on new Box training presentations and slides. Members have remixed other's presentations for their groups, and those materials are now available to the Illinois Box community, for you to view and download.

We offer customized training sessions for all experience levels to any research team, administrative unit, and other groups in the university community. Contact your local IT team or use the form below to request more information.

New Feature Spotlight - Favorites

Want quick and easy access to the files or folders you use most? Mark these files and folders as Favorites. Items you mark as Favorites display in the Favorites section of the left sidebar, and also on the full Favorites page.

WATCH Learn Box Favorites in 60 Seconds

Review Box Best Practices for Data Security Tips

We published a series of articles describing best practices for more secure data management in Box. You can learn to effectively share and collaborate on content responsibly, using the powerful sharing and access control capabilities of Box.

The users you invite to collaborate need to upload, open, and edit files, but should they delete or share the content with others?  Choosing the right collaborator permissions can save your data from deletion and other scares.

Secure Folders: Give Just Enough Permissions

Learn to use file and folder names to provide important data handling context to your collaborators. Name sensitive or internal data as such and avoid oversharing.

Secure Folders: Name and Describe the Content

Box Team Folders provide a folder to store data that should survive changes in team membership or departmental personnel. Make sure important business and research data is available even if you aren't.

Secure Folders: Store Important Data in Team Folders