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Screenshot of the preview thumbnails feature in Box Web
Preview Thumbnails let quickly find specific parts of documents in Box Web

Box has launched a new feature that makes it easier to navigate through documents with multiple pages to find what you need. When viewing a document preview, you will now see thumbnails of each page. Click on the thumbnail to navigate quickly to that page.

See Box Product Updates: Preview Thumbnails for more

Simplified Sharing Available Now

First up, Box has released the new simplified sharing experience to Box Web. The new sharing process gives quick access to adding collaborators and creating shared links.

Screenshot of the new simplified sharing window in Box Web
Collaboration and shared links settings in one window

To open the Share window, right-click or use the ellipses (…) menu and then click Share. Now you can invite collaborators to work on content together, or create a shared link to distribute content, all in the same window!


Box Drive Folder Location Configuration

The default location of the Box Drive folder does not allow collaborators to access absolute links set by another user and required by some applications, like Excel, Word, InDesign, etc. If your users work with applications that require an absolute path outside of their operating system’s user directory, their Box Drive folder can now exist elsewhere in the file system, allowing for use of linked files and spreadsheets.

Please note this change does not allow other users of the same computer to access another user’s Box Drive content, even in they can access the path configured for the Box Drive folder. The Box Drive folder is still only available to only the user logged in to the same operating system session as the Box Drive application.

For more information and example use cases, please review the following post from Box:
Configuring the Default Box Drive Folder Location - Box

Box has posted the final release notes for Drive v2.4, which will be rolling out soon.
Box Drive v2.4 will include a Sync uninstaller that starts when Box Drive is launched.
The process can be automated by registry key, too.

Screenshot of the Box Sync uninstaller. It states "Box Sync was uninstalled. Restoring disk space..."

The process will guide the user through completing any pending synchronization, uninstalling Box Sync, and logging in to Box Drive.

After April 30, 2019, Box will end support for Box SyncBox ToolsNotes for Desktop and Box Drive on MacOS 10.12 Sierra.  Per Box OS support policy, they will maintain support on the two latest versions of MacOS, 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave.

Box Community: Understand the Box Policy For Browser And OS Support

Box Drive v2.4 and later versions facilitate the task of transitioning users from Box Sync to Box Drive. Box Drive automatically uninstalls Box Sync and then cleans up the remaining Sync content.

Box Community > Uninstalling Box Sync Using the Drive Installer

The updated sharing experience combines more options in one window.

Box Web is about to get a simplified sharing experience with more a consistent way to share files and folders. You'll have a single, central place from which to invite collaborators, generate shared links and manage permissions. 

Box Update - Simplified Sharing Experience Presentation Deck