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The users you invite to collaborate need to upload, open, and edit files, but should they delete or share the content with others?  Choosing the right collaborator permissions can save your data from deletion and other scares.

Table showing different permissions granted to View Uploader and Editor permissions in Box. Recommendation is Viewer Uploader permission.
Viewer Uploader permissions provide most functions collaborators need.

Our recommended permission level for most folder collaborations is Viewer Uploader. See the table above for some ways Viewer Uploader differs from Editor permissions.

When collaborating on a file directly, as opposed to a folder, the only permission level available is Editor.

See Box Community: Inviting Collaborators to learn more about adding collaborators to your project or unit folders in Box.

For the full table of permission levels and the actions they can perform, see Box Community: Understanding Collaborator Permission Levels.


The first things collaborators see is a folder's name. Include a reminder that this data is sensitive or only for a certain group in the folder's name to provide important context.

List of folders in Box Web with names that provide context
Folder names can give collaborators important context.

Including phrases like INTERNAL or PRIVATE give a clue that the contents should be handled carefullyEXTERNAL can mark folders shared with Box users outside of the university. Folders marked PUBLIC might be sent in email with an open Shared Link or embedded in a web page for anyone to access.

Screen capture of a folder description in Box Web describing the contents and audience of a folder.
A description can provide important context for your collaborators.

Adding a description of the folder or file contents can also provide clues to collaborators about how to handle the data. In the description, you can describe the intended audience and any restrictions on sharing.

See Box Community: Adding Descriptions to Folders and Files

After April 30, 2019, Box will end support for Box SyncBox ToolsNotes for Desktop and Box Drive on MacOS 10.12 Sierra.  Per Box OS support policy, they will maintain support on the two latest versions of MacOS, 10.13 High Sierra and 10.14 Mojave.

Box Community: Understand the Box Policy For Browser And OS Support

Box Drive v2.4 and later versions facilitate the task of transitioning users from Box Sync to Box Drive. Box Drive automatically uninstalls Box Sync and then cleans up the remaining Sync content.

Box Community > Uninstalling Box Sync Using the Drive Installer

The updated sharing experience combines more options in one window.

Box Web is about to get a simplified sharing experience with more a consistent way to share files and folders. You'll have a single, central place from which to invite collaborators, generate shared links and manage permissions. 

Box Update - Simplified Sharing Experience Presentation Deck